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Evaluation | Evaluierung | Évaluation


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Ingénieur — first & second years

There are three parts to the final grade in the first and second years:

All groups take the same mock TOEFL test at the end of the year and are graded according to the same scale. The test is not the official TOEFL, but it follows the model of the listening and reading sections and will nonetheless be useful preparation if you ever need to take the real test.

The format of the oral exam varies from teacher to teacher, so you will need to ask him/her if you wish to know what you will be required to do. In some groups students are asked to present and defend their point of view on a given topic after a short preparation period. In other groups students come in pairs and act out a role play, or have to debate a given topic on the spot.

The contrôle continu also varies from group to group, and your teacher will be able to tell you what this part of the evaluation consists of. It usually consists of written work (essays, book reports, film reports, etc.), tests, presentations and other activities.


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Ingénieur — third year

There are two forms of evaluation in the third year:

The TOEIC® test taken in the third year is the official test organised by ETS. Students take the "listening and reading" version. The test itself lasts two hours: 45 minutes for the listening part and 1 hour and 15 minutes for the reading. After the test you will receive an official score report that you can use to show employers the level of English you have.

The oral exam is a 20 minute discussion. You will be given a topic about a current social issue and will have 20 minutes to prepare your thoughts. During the exam you will begin by presenting your point of view, which you will then have to defend as rigorously as possible.

TOEIC Session 2019-20

Information about this year's TOEIC session.